Thursday 21 November 2019
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Sony Dabbles in Drones to Find New Business Opportunities

Sony Dabbles in Drones to Find New Business Opportunities

Sony is testing new waters and has moved its focus from consumer electronics. The company is toying with drones to find out new business opportunities. Sony has teamed up with ZMP Inc., a startup based in Tokyo to get into a venture which will launch unmanned aerial vehicles under its brand name. These drones will collect data for business customers. The venture is called Aerosense and will open new doors for Sony Mobile, which is finding new markets for its technology. However, the drones will not be available for consumer use.

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How will Aerosense Help?

Aerosense will capture aerial images and process cloud-based data. This will be of interest to the enterprise customers for “measuring, surveying, observing, and inspecting.” Sony is planning to leverage drones so that more cameras can be sold.

As per Wall Street Journal, drones won’t be sold by Sony, but rather the services that the drone can provide, will be sold by the company. For instance, the services can be used for inspecting infrastructure or in industries like agriculture. Initially, it does not seem that the drones will be available in retail stores for consumers to buy.

Mix of Technologies

Technologies from both the companies, i.e. Sony and ZMP, will be used in the drones. Sony will provide its robotics, camera, telecommunications network and sensing technology, while automated driving technology will be provided by ZMP. With these technologies, the autonomous drones of Sony will take the brand into the field of data collection which is done with the assistance of drones.

Companies like AeroHarvest and Vine Harvest have shown how drones can be helpful in other areas apart from aerial photography and warfare. Both the companies use drones to assist farmers monitor and evaluate the crops’ health.

Sony and ZMP have earlier worked together on a venture which was related to technology in autonomous cars.

Their present joint venture is scheduled to launch in August. It will use VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) drones. In this new venture, Sony owns just over 50%, whereas ZMP owns just over 49%.

It can be expected that as Sony enters the drone market, more services can take advantage of the data collected by these drones and improve their business further.

What do you think?

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