Monday 9 December 2019
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Get the Hospital in Your Palm with Scanaflo

Get the Hospital in Your Palm with Scanaflo

It is not often possible for people, to always go to the hospital for a check-up. However, it is essential to do so. Scanadu, a health tech startup could help you with this problem. The company is developing a cutting edge tech device which could bring the hospital in your palm. Scanaflo is a urinalysis strip which can detect your medical condition with just one pee. Scanadu has also developed and is shipping its first device named Scout which can find out your blood pressure, temperature and other biological occurrence and upload the data into an app.

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How Scanaflo Works?

Scanaflo can find out if you are diabetic, pregnant or have been smoking weed, just with a single pee on the stick.  It measures up to 12 reagents on the strip. They include protein, glucose, nitrites, leukocytes, bilirubin, blood in the urine, microalbumin, ketone, creatinine, urobilinogen, your pH levels and specific gravity. The colors change on the stick as the reagents react differently to the urine. These colors are then detected by the iPhone app and it goes on to find out what the problem is. The device is in the testing phase right now.

Future Possibilities

The way the device works, it opens up a slew of future possibilities for medical technology. Imagine a situation where you just have to dip the stick in urine and you will be able to know that you have leukocytes in surplus. This could help in the early detection of any disease you might have. The Scanaflo is not yet approved by the FDA and is not yet meant to diagnose health problems, but you can definitely become more alert of any health problem you might be suffering from.

If the device receives approval from the FDA, it could decrease the long queues outside the doctor’s office and reduce the waits on the lab results. Scanaflo could give consumers the power of monitoring their own health easily.

Scanadu has its headquarters at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

Are you going to use Scanaflo when it will be released? Do you think this will take medical technology a step forward? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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