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Revolutionary Tech- What to Expect in 2015?

Revolutionary Tech- What to Expect in 2015?

2014 saw the entry of a number of revolutionary tech products like smart contact lenses, printable batteries, memory recording and many more. It is obvious that 2015 will also have something big in store. Innovations which had started last year will be available commercially this year.

Here are a few of the innovative products that you can hope to see in 2015.

  • Augmented Reality Smartglasses

Augmented Reality Smartglasses                          Image:

Google’s investment in Magic Leap, an augmented reality startup, made quite some stir this year. The product from this startup is going to offer the users with both gaming and informative experiences. The core technology of Magic Leap is based on “Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal”.

  • Driverless Buses

Driverless Buses                      Image:

We have already seen the development of driverless cars in 2014. Now, in 2015, its time for driverless buses. These types of buses are expected to provide better and more frequent services and change rural public transport.

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  • White space Wi-Fi

White space Wi-Fi                            Image:

Free “Super Wi-Fi” which will use the white space spectrum available between TV stations, is expected to roll out to provide internet connectivity in 2015, across different places of the world, which are not yet connected. White space Wi-Fi has a range 100 times more than the present Wi-Fi methods. It can also move through solid objects like walls with the least interference.

  • World’s first Commercial Hoverboard

World's first Commercial Hoverboard                   Image:

In 1989, the popular movie Back to Future II, showed Marty McFly, time-travelling and ride around a hovering skateboard. The scene is going to come true in 2015, as we are expecting to get the first ever hoverboard in the market.

Hendo hoverboard has been developed by Ax Pax, a company based in California and it has reached its funding goal through Kickstarter.

  • First Commercial on the Moon

First Commercial on the Moon                                Image:

Though it may sound bizarre, yet this is what we can see in 2015. A Japanese soft drinks company is planning to take a 1 kg can on the moon for creating the first extra-terrestrial advertisement. The marketing mission has been taken up by Otsuka and will be carried out through Elon Musk’s SpaceX company in October 2015. The journey will be for four and half days and cover 236,121 miles.

If the mission is successful Otsuka and SpaceX will win the Lunar X competition of Google. It will be the first private team to “land a robot on the surface of the moon, travel 500 meters over the lunar surface, and send images and data back to the Earth.”

So, gear up for a tech revolution in 2015 with these wonderful innovations.

Do you know about any other innovative tech products which will be coming in 2015? Which one of the above do you think will make a significant impact? Let us hear from you.

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