Thursday 21 November 2019
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Pizza Hut Box Turns into A Projector for Your Smartphone

Pizza Hut Box Turns into A Projector for Your Smartphone

Dinner and movie will now become even more entertaining in Hong Kong, thanks to Pizza Hut. You will have more reasons to look forward to movie nights. Now your smartphone can turn into a projector with Pizza Hut’s pizza box. This is a part of the pizza brand’s marketing campaign where special pizza boxes are being delivered to customers, which turn into movie projectors and you can watch your favorite movies with your loved one. How does the box work? Check out this post to know more.

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How Does the Box Work?

The pizza box movie projector is designed specially: it has a special pizza table (it is the little white plastic item that keeps the pizza in its place) which has a projector lens at the top that can be detached. The lens fits into a pierced hole at the front of the pizza box. Once you finish off the pizza, pierce a hole in the front and your own movie projector is ready. There is a QR code at the side of the box which takes you to a webpage where you will get four different types of movies to choose from. For horror movie lovers, there is Slice Night. Hot & Ready is for romance fans. For sci-fi and action fans Anchovy Armageddon and Fully Loaded is there to choose from, respectively.

Don’t Expect Something Huge

If you are expecting to experience movie viewing just like you do in a movie theater, you will be disappointed. You won’t get anything in high definition. The image quality as well as the audio quality is poor. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you could hear in a better way. Also, your phone will smell of pizza.

However, given the cool quotient of the pizza box and the thought process behind it, we can easily enjoy a good movie and pizza. The perfect company would make the experience even more amazing.

Only Hong Kong residents will be able to enjoy this movie viewing experience using Pizza Hut’s boxes. No news is there if such boxes will also be catered to the residents of the US.

Do you think this is a cool idea? Would you like to see more such innovative items in your daily life? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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