Thursday 21 November 2019
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Owl- A Smart Device to Assist Restaurateurs

Owl- A Smart Device to Assist Restaurateurs

Restaurant business can be extremely tough to manage and restaurateurs have to depend on the waiting staff that is mainly responsible for representing their business. However, it is not always possible for the staff to provide the best of their services to the diners due to the frenzied environment. Now, restaurateurs can improve their services with a smart device known as Owl, which has been developed by Omni Brain Lab, located in Spain. The smart device will help improve communication with the customers and make the hospitality business more efficient.

How Does it Work?

The device is placed on each table in the restaurant, which the customers can use to improve their dining experience. A central management application is used to monitor the experience of the customers. The device’s position can be adjusted by the diners to point out their requirements. The smart gadget then records its position and lights up in different colors. The waiting staff can then attend the table and understand what they are required to do. The customers who use the device for the first time are required to download an app for free, which connects their smartphones with the Owl. Customers, who are dining again, just have to reconnect their device. This enables the management to regain their earlier purchase history and find out their dining habits. Based on that, the waiting staff can make proper suggestions, thereby improving the customer’s dining experience.

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How can Customers Benefit?

Customers will be able to view the menu on their display, place their orders and even share their dining experience with others on social media. All they need to do is connect with the Owl. By turning the smart device, the waiter icon is selected and the customers can alert the waiting staff that they are ready to place their order. The device finds out that position and emits a blue light. There is also a “do not disturb” mode which they can turn the device to. The device glows white and will let the staff know not to disturb the diners. At the time of bill payment, the customers can select the payment icon and make a faster payment.

The waiting staff gets the information at real time and it is also registered in the central management app, changing it into valuable data that can enhance the efficiency of the business.

The Owl can also help the restaurateurs to monitor the performance of each of their staff and offer personalized service to frequent diners through customized service style and providing recommendations.

Would you like to use the Owl while dining? Should more such smart gadgets be released in the market in future? We look forward to hear your thoughts.



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