Thursday 21 November 2019
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Now Drive a Land Rover with Your Smartphone

Now Drive a Land Rover with Your Smartphone

If you are a James Bond fan and loved the scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where Pierce Brosnan was driving a BMW from the back seat using his smartphone, you could get a chance to enact the scene, obviously without all the grenades and missiles. Land Rover has recently launched the Remote Control Range Rover Sport prototype vehicle which will let you drive the car remotely with your smartphone. This remote control feature could help drivers maneuver through tough terrains or move out their SUV from tight parking spaces.

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How does the Remote Control System help?

The Remote Control system of the Land Rover will let drivers control the brakes, steering and throttle with their smartphone, when they are outside their car. They can be up to 30 feet away from their car and control it. The maximum speed that can be controlled can be up to 4 mph.  The drivers will be able to check the exact position of the vehicle with this system. They can navigate their car easily through challenging terrains without any external help. You can drive through a mud or snow without worrying about the car getting stuck.

The Multi-Point Turn Range Rover Sport

Apart from the Remote Control system, Land Rover is testing out other technologies to improve the driving experience of the drivers. The Multi-Point Turn Range Rover Sport is one of them. It can turn the car 180 degrees autonomously in the opposite direction. There is a ‘Solo Car’ sensor package which combines different sensors so that the responsiveness of autonomous driving can be tested out. The system can control steering, gear selection, acceleration and braking so that the car can move forwards or backwards as many times as needed till the complete maneuver is achieved.

This is not the first time Land Rover is trying to include technology to off-roading. Some time back, the company had developed a ‘transparent’ hood which could use integrated cameras and displays to remove the hood virtually on the Land Rover Discovery. The development was done so that drivers could see obstacles in the route ahead.

It is not yet known when or if at all, we will be able to see a consumer version of the vehicle with these features.

What do you think about the remote control feature of the Land Rover? Would you like to see it for consumer version of the vehicle? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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