Wednesday 22 January 2020
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JIVR Smart Folding e-Bike Makes Cycling More Fun

JIVR Smart Folding e-Bike Makes Cycling More Fun

There are many smart bikes which can make life easier for the users. However, there are limitations which are faced by these bikes. While most of them rely on pedal power, others might have their tech-ability limited to only talking to particular smartphone apps. However, it seems the JIVR Bike might bring a solution to all these problems. The electric bike is stylish and foldable. Let us have a look at this post to learn more about the JIVR Bike.

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The two-wheeler uses a chainless electric drivetrain which will give you up to 20 miles of pedal-free travel in one charge. In the absence of chains, the cycling experience will be a clean one. The bike also acts as an iBeacon that interacts with any device which is in close proximity and supports the format. You could also arrange for the information to be sent to your laptop.
If you have a small apartment, you can fold the bike and store it. You can even plug in your smartphone to use the bike as a dashboard.

Few Features of JIVR Bike

  • Increased Durability
    Since the chainless system is enclosed in the frame of the bike, it becomes more durable and can even ease up maintenance.
  • Dynamic Batteries
    A single charge in the assisted-pedaling mode will take you 20 miles. You have to fully charge it in any electric socket for 2 hours.
  • Electric Motor
    With the electric motor, it is possible for the bikers to travel up to 15.6 m/h effortlessly.
  • Three Cycling Modes
    You will have three cycling modes to choose from: Assisted pedaling, full manual and full electric.
  • Intelligent Dashboard
    With the JIVR app, your trip will be really easy. All you need to do is plug in your smartphone in the bike and you will get the directions to reach from one point to another.

JIVR is crowdfunding its bike and to get this smart bike you have to pay around $1,036 to $2,593 for early bird offer. The bike will be shipped from September 2015.
So, if you want to get your hands on this smart bike, you can reserve it now from the official website.

Are you going to buy this smart bike? Do you use any other smart device? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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