Monday 18 November 2019
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7 Signs to Check if Your Kid is Over-Dependent on Technology

7 Signs to Check if Your Kid is Over-Dependent on Technology

Technology is making rapid advancements. This progress in technology has its own set of pros and cons. While it is making our lives easier on one hand, on the other it is making us dependent for doing the simplest of job. Present-day generation kids are more prone to become dependent on technology. The extent is such that it often borders between normal and over-dependence. Is your kid over-dependent on technology? Check out the seven signs which show that technology rules your kid’s life completely.

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  • Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones are now a craze among middle and high schoolers. In many groups, one owning the best smartphone or tablet is considered to have bragging rights over his/her friends. If your kid gets tensed in case of a call drop, a drop in the mobile network coverage or poor Wi-Fi connectivity, chances are he/she is addicted to his/her smartphone.

  • Internet Surfing

If your kid spends most of his/her free time (and often valuable time) in surfing the web, it’s time to take some action. While surfing the web can bring out some productive results for your child, most of the time it is seen the results can be dangerous. Often the youngsters end up watching things which are not appropriate for their age.

  • Social Media Interaction

Many schools encourage students to sign up on social media accounts to improve their social contacts. This might be done with a healthy motive but what happens in reality is that kids start to measure their popularity with the number of “friends” and the “likes” they have in their account. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are words which they are extremely familiar with. If your kid is more interested in making ‘virtual friends’ than going out and interacting with real friends, you should start putting a check on this habit.

  • Games means Video Games

If your kid understands video games as the only way to play games, he/she is definitely over-dependent on technology. Most of the kids today come back from school and either sit in front of the TV or get glued to their gaming consoles. As a parent, it is your duty to make your kid understand that it is necessary to go out and get some fresh air in the playground. Parks and playgrounds almost remain empty nowadays. Even if there are kids, you will see them huddled in a corner checking out something in their mobile devices.

  • Calculators are the Saviors

Every time you ask your kid to do calculations, the calculator comes out! Irrespective of whether you are asking him/her to multiply 567 with 450 or to add 50 with 60, the calculator is the go-to solution for your kid. Becoming dependent on calculators for basic math calculations is decreasing the math skills of your kid. Encourage him/her to ditch the calculator and do the calculations manually.

  • Reading e-Books

While there is no harm reading an e-book, learners are completely foregoing the use of traditional paper books. In case a teacher gives a reference in classroom, the kids rush to download or copy it from the web. This will keep your kid from feeling the charm of curling up with a good hardcover book.

  • Depressed and lonely

One of the scariest effects of over-dependence on technology is depression and loneliness for kids of today’s generation. As your kid spends most of his/her time on the web, he/she often falls prey to cyber bullying. It is easy for peers to pass offensive remarks as they can remain anonymous. Keep an eye on your kid if he/she is depressed for no reason and handle the situation in a subtle way.

Kids of today’s generation are blurring the lines between using technology optimally and becoming its slave. You will find most of the youngsters today feel lost if they don’t have their phones or tablets with them. It is the responsibility of parents to keep a tab on the over use of technology by their kids and keep them from getting over-dependent.

What do you think about the use of technology among today’s kids? Should the use of technology be restricted? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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