Thursday 21 November 2019
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Insulin Angel Looks After Your Diabetes Medication

Insulin Angel Looks After Your Diabetes Medication

Only a diabetic knows the pain of maintaining balanced doses of insulin throughout the day. Keeping insulin stored at an optimal temperature, monitoring insulin levels and keeping track of the location of the medication can be quite stressful. Now a smart device will help in easing all these problems. Insulin Angel is a smart device developed by a group of diabetics and parents of diabetic kids. The device is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds.

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Monitor your Insulin Temperature and Location

Insulin Angel is a small plastic container that keeps track of your medication’s location and temperature in an Internet-of-Things fashion. Using Bluetooth, the device connects to a smartphone app and notifies you before the insulin reaches a critical temperature and if you have lost or forgotten about it.

You can know about the exact temperature and location of the medication through the app’s display. The display might give information like “Handbag, temperature limit exceeded!” or “Backpack, Insulin is fine.” If a caregiver is responsible for providing you medication, the device can be set to even send push notifications to them.

You no longer have to guess the optimal temperature to keep your medication in a good condition. The smart device can even operate wirelessly inside the fridge where the insulin is kept. If the fridge malfunctions or there is a power failure, the device tracks and records the condition of the stored insulin. This lets you know whether to throw the medication out or use it. The weather is also monitored and data is gathered by the device. It warns you about upcoming cold spells or heat waves so that you can be ready beforehand.

Usefulness of Insulin Angel

The smart device is not just helpful for monitoring insulin but also for other medications. Humira, the medication for rheumatism and Salbutamol, the asthma medication can also be monitored. This device could help solve public health issues.

Patients and hospitals could save thousands of dollars that get wasted in damaged medication. So, with Insulin Angel, not only proper medication can be provided to diabetic patients, but also it can help save considerable money by keeping a track of the medication.

If you want to get this device, you can pre-order it for $50 on Indiegogo. The campaign has 8 days to go at the time of writing.

Are you going to pre-order the Insulin Angel? Have you used any other smart device? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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