Thursday 21 November 2019
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Hudōr Faucet- A Motion Detecting Device to Clean your Hands

Hudōr Faucet- A Motion Detecting Device to Clean your Hands

Touch faucets are being developed which keep water from getting wasted while brushing teeth or washing hands. However the solution still requires them to touch the faucet. But now, you can get a complete hands-free washing experience with Hudōr Faucet. You can save water without touching the faucet with soapy hands. How will this work?

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Clean your hands with Motion Detection

The basic idea is similar to the motion sensor faucets that you find at fast food restaurants and airports. However, this one is an improvement over other designs and it can be used in boutique hotels and private homes.

A timer and motion sensor activates the flow of water as you take your hands in front of the faucet. It then adds liquid soap, and follows a rinse cycle. All this takes place only at the command that is activated by sensing your hands. The process is completed with a bacteria disinfectant back light on your hands.

The Design

The faucet was planned by lead designer Fraser Leid. The Hudōr Faucet doesn’t look like a faucet; rather it looks like hi-tech hand dryer which consists of a rig which is fixed to the wall. The idea of the design has been taken from the logo of Audi and when you look at it, you can even see the Audi logo.

The central ring of the Hudōr Faucet shoots out jets of water and soap. It also contains back lights for the antibacterial treatment of your hands. As the process of cleaning your hands is over, an air dryer will dry your hands. There is a sink basin below the faucet where the suds and water falls as your hands get cleaned.

The hands-free washing will be complete and the faucet will help you save water more than the present motion-detector sinks that are available in the market. If you are a cleaning freak, this faucet will be the best solution for you with its antibacterial treatment.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Hudōr Faucet is actually used by the consumers and find its footing in the market or it is just labeled as a hi-tech toy which won’t see much sales.

Would you use this faucet? Do you think this will find a good consumer base? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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