Saturday 18 January 2020
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HidrateMe- The Smart Water Bottle to Keep you Hydrated

HidrateMe- The Smart Water Bottle to Keep you Hydrated

Drinking water might be the most basic task to do every day but with our hectic lifestyles we often tend to slack in this very task. Forgetting to drink adequate amount of water in a day is a common problem faced by many. However, this problem might be solved now with a new smart device that will soon enter the market. HidrateMe is a smart water bottle which will keep you informed about your daily water intake and help you remain hydrated. The smart bottle works with your smartphone to give you necessary notifications.

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How Does the Smart Water Bottle Work?

A chip is fixed with the bottle which connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth. The bottle runs on a button battery but it can last for a year or more without needing to recharge. It is made of BPA-free plastic and can hold 700 ml or 24 .oz water.

A relevant smartphone app named the Hidrate app, works with the smart water bottle. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can download it for free and it can manage your drinking. The app uses parameters like height, weight and level of physical activities to calculate the ideal water consumption of a person.

It also works with other wearable activity trackers and takes information about elevation, weather and other parameters to give you the optimal number.

A gentle glow inside the bottle means that you haven’t drunk water for a long time and you will be reminded to drink. The bottle can be cleaned easily as it is dishwasher safe.

Kickstarter Campaign

Hidrate Inc., the startup is behind the development of this amazing device and it has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. The total funding goal was $35,000. The campaign has become an absolute hit with huge funds being already raised. The Early Bird special is already gone. At the time of writing $408,834 has been raised. It has still 12 days to go with the campaign ending on 14th July, 2015. More than 5,000 people have backed this project. By funding $45 or more, you can get one HidrateMe bottle for use. Shipping is expected to start by December 2015.

What about you? Are you going to pledge your funds? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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