Thursday 20 June 2019
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5 Potential Things you Need to Know about Google Wireless

5 Potential Things you Need to Know about Google Wireless

Last month, Google had confirmed its plans to provide a ‘small scale wireless’ service. This would allow Google to sell wireless plans to the users directly. This service now may launch at the end of March. Sundar Pichai, the Google executive, confirmed about the plans for a wireless service by Google. This shows that Google is moving beyond selling services and ads over the web to influencing how the delivery of web access is done.  We have listed out five potential things which you should know about Google Wireless before it makes its entry in the market.

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  • Google will be A Mobile Virtual Network Operator

This means it will buy wireless spectrums from someone else and rebrand it to provide the service to its users. It will mix together cellular networks of Sprint Corp. and T-Mobile US and other available Wi-Fi networks, choosing the best at any instant so that the quality of the web access and calling is improved.

This requires a strong co-ordination between software and smartphone hardware, something which is possible with Google’s Nexus program.

  • It will possibly Work Only on Nexus 6 Smartphones

As mentioned earlier the seamless integration calls for the use of Nexus 6 for Google Wireless. The service is expected to be available only on the latest Nexus 6 smartphone which is designed by Google and developed by Motorola Mobility, which was a Google unit earlier but now is owned by Lenovo Group Ltd. Even older Nexus devices won’t support the service. Other phones using the Android operating system will also not work.

  • It will Work on Android Operating System

The latest Android version, Lollipop, is able to get the best wireless network for certain apps, based on their functions. The apps which consumes more data, for them Android provides the strongest signal, be it Wi-Fi or cellular. For apps consuming less data, a weaker network could be selected. The aim is to run these apps even if users switch between networks or moves around.

  • Partnership with Hutchison Whampoa

Google will be in a partnership with Hutchison Whampoa, a company based in Hong-Kong which runs Three, the telecom in UK and other countries.

  • Free International Roaming

With Three, Google will be able to provide its customers free wireless services in the countries where it operates without any extra cost. People will be able to get free international roaming. However, the company has no plans to provide similar services in Europe, as there is significant competition among European telecoms, where roaming charges are not so prevalent.

So, get ready for Google Wireless services by the end of this month.

What about you? Are you going to use Google Wireless? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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