Sunday 8 December 2019
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Meet Google Robot Dog which can Withstand Kicks

Meet Google Robot Dog which can Withstand Kicks

Google had bought Boston Dynamics in 2013. Ever since that, it has not been clear what the company is developing in the Boston Dynamics’ labs located in Waltham, Massachusetts. However, the ongoing robotics projects of the company are now owned by Google which also includes Big Dog. The Google subsidiary posted a video which shows a new smaller robot dog which has been named Spot.

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Meet Spot- the Smaller Version of Big Dog

This quadrupled robot weighs 160 pounds and has an electric powerhouse. Spot can be operated both outdoors and indoors. The video shows that the robot dog can walk, climb across different terrains and trot. The most interesting feature of the robot dog is that it can endure kicks from heartless human beings. Several attempts at toppling it goes in vain.

Spot might not have the power as its predecessor Big Dog, whose weight is 240 pounds and it can carry around 340 pounds. However, Spot seems to be more agile and it has the capability to move through areas where there is lesser space to navigate. In the video, you can see Spot, moving through crowded streets and jogging alongside a human, just like a real dog.

Use of Head-mounted Sensors

The video shows Spot moving through an office on its own and climbing a flight of stairs and even moving up a steep hill. Through rough terrains also, the robot is seen to navigate without any difficulty. The head-mounted sensors attached to the robot help it in moving about easily.

The accuracy with which the robot moves and withstands the kicks is really intriguing and might seem a bit creepy. Boston Dynamics continues its advancement in the areas of robotic developments even under the parent company of Google.

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