Saturday 18 January 2020
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10 Cool Technologies for Your Future Car

10 Cool Technologies for Your Future Car

More and more companies are manufacturing vehicles which have advanced technologies integrated in them for improving the driving experience. Times have changed and now people coming to buy new cars search for at least one cool technology in their cars. Advanced navigation systems, dash cameras, satellite navigation, augmented reality systems, etc. are some of the technologies which can be seen in today’s cars.

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Here you can see 10 cool technologies which you might find in futuristic gadgets:


  • Smart Door Handles


Some auto manufacturers are working on building vehicles which will have smart door handles. Getting into a car with these handles, which will be touch sensitive, will be more convenient. The drag and boost efficiency will be minimized with this feature. This in turn is good for fast driving cars.


  • Glowing Rims at Night


With rims which glow at night, the visibility of the vehicles will be increased significantly. This feature could increase road safety for drivers and pedestrians while driving at night. Your car will look like the one which was used in the movie Tron.


  • Gesture Control


Ford is developing interesting technologies by teaming up with Google. One of these is gesture control which will allow drivers to have complete control over their cars. They can just use their hands or head and control their cars. Voice recognition software and 3D cameras will be responsible for gesture control. You can control the car temperature or open/close the windows just by pointing or nodding.


  • Color-changing Headlights


Auto manufacturers like Audi and Porsche are focusing on mood lighting. They have included headlights that can be customized, in their high-end cars. This will allow the drivers to change the color of the headlights, as per their mood.


  • Digital Dashboards


The mechanical gauges which are used in cars now are tough to read. They are not always accurate. Its time these mechanical gauges are replaced with digital dashboards. They will not only be easy to use, but your vehicle will look like a modern spaceship.


  • Laser Lights


Laser lights have already made entry in today’s cars. When BMW i8 and Audi R8 LMX launched, they had laser lights in them. The technology is not yet legal in the US. However, big names in the auto industry are developing these high beams. There could be useful applications of these laser lights. They could be used to specify the width of the vehicle while on road.


  • Cobra iRadar Atom


Radar detectors have been here for quite some time now. The Cobra iRadar Atom is a more compact and smaller device that connects to your smartphone. It observes police radars in the area where you are driving. The iRadar sends alerts every time a police car is around. You can also share your location with other users of iRadar and tell them about your speed limit.


  • Audi’s Future Styling


The Prologue concept car of Audi was launched in Las Vegas which shows its future styling concept. The car uses a hybrid powertrain. This is an indication that the styling of the manufacturer is going in a new direction. The Prologue concept car features 3D instrumentation.


  • Inductive Charging


As of now, hybrids will be there. However, we can expect that in the future, there will be an inductive charging device for the electric cars. The development of this advanced technology could help drivers to charge in the future.


  • Sharp LCD Instrumentation


The current TFT displays might soon get replaced by the latest LCDs developed by Sharp. They are far better than the TFT displays and are expected to launch in 2017. They have a free form. This means designers can manufacture high-tech interiors for vehicles.

Self-driving cars are also something which we will soon get in the future. We hope to see more such advanced technologies and cool gadgets in our future cars which will make our driving experience a completely different one.

Do you know about any such futuristic technologies? What type of technologies would you like to see? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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