Thursday 12 December 2019
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Droplet Helps You Remember Most Important Things in Your Life

Droplet Helps You Remember Most Important Things in Your Life

How easy our life would be if the inane objects could remind us to do our daily tasks without fail! But, your medicines won’t remind you to take them on time, nor would your trash remind you to throw it out. However, now a smart reminder button is being developed which could make all this possible. Droplet, the smart button, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. You can use this button on different objects in your house and you can get daily reminders. Wondering how that can be possible? Read this post to find out.

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Droplet- the Daily Reminder Button

When fixed with different objects around the house that are used for important daily activities, the Droplet can give you much needed reminder. The smart button links with an app on your smartphone, which you can set up with a list of activities that you need to do regularly.

When a given task is done, you can press the Droplet button attached to that object. If you forget to perform that task next time, you will get a reminder from Droplet to your smartphone.

Droplet sends you reminder with just a notification when you forget to do a task. It is less annoying than the other reminder apps. You cannot give your task a miss like other to-do lists by snoozing it. You have to actually go and press the button on that object, which means you have to get the work done by all means.

Using The App

Your activities can be tracked with the app and you can set your goals. This means you can use Droplet not just for reminder but also for quantifying your behavior. For instance, if you use it on your yoga mat, it will motivate you to keep up with your fitness regime and tracking your daily progress.

If you want to make sure that an elderly family member is taking his/her medication at the right time, you can link the app with the Droplet button of loved ones. Even alerts can be sent to learn if a kid is dong his activities.

This could be a very useful device for those who are in the habit of forgetting things. So, if you are one of them, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter for $40 per smart button.

Do you have a habit of forgetting things? Are you going to pre-order this smart button? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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