Friday 22 November 2019
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Top 3 Disruptive Innovations at CES 2015

Top 3 Disruptive Innovations at CES 2015

The CES 2015 had companies focusing on better, faster and cheaper technologies. Some innovations were introduced which have the potential to make a huge success in the market. These are cheaper and greater than the existing products. These disruptive technologies can make a huge impact on the market when they are finally launched. There were many demonstrations at the CES which focused on these disruptive innovations.

We have listed out the top 3 innovations which drew the maximum attention of the attendees and have the potential to cause disruption.

  • The Quantified Self

health and fitness gadgets                                                                                                                                           Image:

Since last year, the number of health and fitness products has grown immensely. New applications have developed which collect, report and react to information from the user’s body. This trend is often called “the quantified self”.

This year at the CES, many health and fitness related tech products were launched. Some of them were for improving fitness training, while others were completely health related.

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The UMoove showcased a software-based eye tracking technology that makes use of a processor and camera of a tablet to measure the focus and attention. The company aims to diagnose and help in the treatment of autism and ADHD.

Quell, a device with FDA approval also made an impact at the CES. The device helps patients suffering from chronic diseases by stimulating the brain to block pain receptors. The device will be available for $250 later this year.

  • Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Cars                                                                                                                                                        Image:

Autonomous cars will be the future of transportation in the coming decades, which was clear from the many displays given by big auto manufacturers. Concept vehicles which look like cars, with sensors, cameras and other technologies hidden from view, were shown at the event. Mercedes Benz showcased the F015 Luxury in Motion car, which can drive without any driver and also help its passengers to remain connected with the world outside the car.

Audi also launched its autonomous car and the car was self driven from San Francisco. With Android feature and Audi tablet, the interior of the features can be controlled.

Even BMW also demonstrated its self-driving car and it can reduce the parking woes of the passenger by self parking itself and coming back to the passengers once they are done with their work.

  • Internet of Things

Internet of Things                                                                                                                                                      Image:


The Internet of Things was big last year, but it got bigger this year. At the CES, big companies like Bosch and Samsung as well as other small companies demonstrated products which were connected to each other.

Parrot’s smart Pot was a product which impressed the people attending the event. It has sensors inbuilt that can measure moisture, temperature, fertilizer level and sunlight. The pot can communicate wirelessly with your smartphone and inform you when it is time to water the plants.

These are a few disruptive technologies which made quite an impact at this year’s CES.

Did you find any other technologies at the CES which could cause a disruption? Which innovation did you like the most? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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