Thursday 21 November 2019
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5 Digital Resolutions You Must Stick To In 2015

5 Digital Resolutions You Must Stick To In 2015

Another new year and another set of resolutions which you will end up breaking now and then. So, instead of concentrating on unrealistic resolutions, it is better to start off this New Year with oaths which can improve your digital life. After all, we are more connected to our mobile devices than we are with our friends or family!

The best thing about digital resolutions is that they are easy to achieve and you don’t need constant reminders to have them accomplished. You can just set them and forget about them. Once you have hit all the right technological notes, your data will be safer.

So, what are these resolutions that you must take without fail in 2015?

  • Take a Data Backup Online

It is always better to take three back up of your data. The original one on your PC, the second backup at home and the third off-site. While the second one can be easily done, it is better to opt for the third in case of accidental loss of data from your home. You can easily get offsite data backup with online backup services like Backblaze, Carbonite or CrashPlan.

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By online backup, it does not mean using cloud storage solutions like OneDrive or DropBox, which are focused on syncing. In fact, online backup services which do not offer syncing are generally cheaper than the other ones.

You will have a peace of mind that your documents, photos and files are safe from every hazard. You can keep your data protected by encrypting it. But if you forget the password, the data service won’t be able to bring everything back to you and you have to upload them once again.

But when you do so, be careful of what you are uploading. Stay away from backing up highly personal photos which could ruin your reputation if your account is hacked by any chance.

  • Buy a Solid-State Drive Instead of Hard Drive

The prices of SSD have decreased significantly and you just have to shell out less than $100 to get 250GB drives. The price might not be less when compared to traditional hard drives but they are in an affordable range. In 2014, some innovations were added to SSDs including Samsung’s 3D V-Nand technology, which will boost endurance and speed and M.2 PCle SSDs. The longevity of solid-state drives is also increasing. So, make a resolution in 2015 to upgrade your PC into a faster one by swapping out your hard drive with a faster SSD.

  • Ditch XP, wait for Windows 10

XP is gone and it’s high time you ditch this old operating system for the latest one. You are not going to get any support from Microsoft if any vulnerability crops up. So, it is better you use an operating system like Windows 7 to have your PC running smoothly.

You can wait till the end of January to get your hands on the latest version of Windows OS-Windows 10. What is even better is that this OS will run on a Macbook as well.

  • Increase your Security

Given the amount of data thefts and hacks taking place recently, it is extremely important to keep your security at the highest level. Make your password as hard as possible by combining special characters, numbers and letters.

By doing so, hackers won’t be able to unscramble the password easily. Do not use the same password in all your online accounts like e-mail, social networking sites and banking.

To remember all these difficult passwords, you can use a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane. Your old passwords can be changed into new randomized ones with these managers.

  • Try Something which you have never done before

There are a lots of tech products which you might never have tried before. So, why not use this New Year to try out new things. You could get an Oculus Rift headset and play virtual reality games. You could also try out 3D printing by getting a new 3D printer. Whatever you do, try to make the most of it.

Take these digital resolutions and you can have a high-tech and happy year in 2015.

What resolutions are your taking in 2015? Will you be taking any of these digital resolutions? We would like to hear from you.


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