Monday 18 November 2019
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CES 2015- What to expect from It?

CES 2015- What to expect from It?

We have ushered in the New Year 2015 and now it’s time to wait for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show which will be held in Las Vegas this year. With this grand event, we will learn about the trends that are coming in this year and the ones which will be fading off. Last year, a large number of new wearable devices were launched, some of which turned out to be successful while other failed. Some of the ideas which were brought forth in 2014, still needs to be worked upon and this year we can expect to see a continuation of last year’s innovations.

Here are a few of the tech innovations that we can expect in CES 2015.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is nothing new. We have been trying to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in almost everything. Yet, most of these connected appliances often do not work properly with one another. Since they are from different companies, they are often unable to work together and share data. What is required is a common language, which can help these smart devices communicate with each other.

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By making relevant platforms, big companies are trying to make it easier for connected devices to interact with one another and the cloud. Intel, Apple’s HomeKit, Google and its Work with Nest program, Qualcomm’s AllJoyn platform and AllSeen Alliance are some of the platforms which are trying to make Internet of Things more pronounced this year at CES.

Self Driving Cars

CES has seen many announcements and displays in the last several years from various car manufacturers which revolved around autonomous driving. However, this technology hasn’t yet seen the limelight, except an effort by Google last year. This year, you can expect to see more demonstrations of self-driving cars at CES. Connected car initiatives from Android Auto and CarPlay are also some of the most discussed issues.

Quantum Dot TVs

LG will be going big this year at CES 2015. There will be lot of new products which will be demonstrated by LG this year.  There are reports that a new G Flex 2 flexible phone will be revealed. There are also rumors on the launch of the second version of G Watch R or an upgrade of this wearable. Other wearable devices can also be expected to be launched.

Apart from mobile, one of the highlights of CES will be Quantum Dot TVs. These TVs will lend your LCDs and OLED like range of colors.  A layer of nanoparticles are inserted between color filters and the backlight of a display. This provides an extra wide and extra precise color range.

LG will also be releasing more OLED 4K TVs and a new range of Art Slim TVs.

Fashion becomes High-tech

CES’s governing body, Consumer Electronics Association, has welcomed L’Oreal, Adidas and New Balance this year. These brands have used technology to improve their products but they have now started to sell pieces of technology to their customers.

Adidas has an overall mission to be related to everything which will help their consumers to remain fit. Whether they are launching a high-tech new net for running vests or the miCoach training watch or even mixing the two of them, this company is highly into technology. They are planning to make smart clothing which can sense and record how much you are working out.

So, this CES, you can look forward to new innovations and demos which might have a significant impact on your life.

Which technologies would you like to see in CES 2015? In which sector do you think more new innovations should take place? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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