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5 Best Green Tech Products of CES 2015

5 Best Green Tech Products of CES 2015

One of the most pressing problems of today is environmental pollution. At the International CES this year, companies across the globe have tried to address this problem by unveiling eco-friendly technologies. Many big and small companies have introduced green tech products which are useful for the consumers and at the same time easy on the environment.

For example, LG announced a whole range of ‘greener’ home appliances that use less water and energy than the earlier models. Samsung unveiled a computer monitor comprised of 30 percent recycled plastic which can save energy when not in use. Even Mercedes introduced a new luxury car which will run on hydrogen fuel cells.

Here are 5 of the coolest eco-friendly tech products that were unveiled at the CES 2015.

  • Automatic

Automatic Turns Cars Into Smart Car                                                                                                                                                    Image:

Automatic is a little device which can be plugged into the diagnostic port of your car. It helps in increasing the fuel efficiency by allowing you to control the computing power. Your smartphone and the car’s computer system are connected and you can get information about all the subsystems of your car. This device gives you a prior indication when there is a problem with your car before it turns out to be a major issue and decreases the fuel efficiency. This increased the fuel emission.

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It also lets you know when you are not driving your car in the right manner. By helping you to avoid gas-guzzling habits of driving, this device claims to reduce the fuel usage in a year.

  • ecoATM

ecoATM                                                                                                                               Image:

This stand-alone machine lets users exchange old electronics for cash. It is not a new device, but this year it became a hit at the CES. The old electronic goods are recycled by this machine and you can prevent toxic mining waste from polluting the environment. The toxic materials inside these electronic products can be kept from leaking into the surroundings if you don’t throw them in the garbage dump.

  • Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine                                                                                                                                              Image:

The Swarovski Shine is a fitness and sleep tracker which was unveiled by Misfit at this year’s CES. The company has teamed up with Swarovski to create this beautiful device which features a large crystal integrated with sensors. The wearable device is blue in color and you can buy a wristband or a pendant necklace to store it. The feature that makes it a cool green tech product is that it uses solar power instead of a battery.  This version is dubbed as the “energy harvesting crystal.”

However, the clear version of the crystal does not have a green feature and can’t absorb as much light as the blue one. So, it needs a battery to operate.

  • Tzoa

Tzoa- a user-friendly device monitors the environment                                                                                                                                                                Image:

This is a portable ecological sensor which tracks ultraviolet radiation, temperature, humidity, air quality and more. You can track the air in your living room or you can measure the UV exposure as you travel around the city.

The intention of the device is to assist people to be in touch with their surroundings. Users of the device are encouraged to find out the air pollution in their areas and share it with others using the company’s app. This will create awareness among people.

  • Solpro

Solpro Helios Smart                                                                                                                                                        Image:

This solar tech company launched the Helios Smart, its new phone charging device which runs on solar power. It is a pocket-size rectangle which can reveal three solar panels when unfolded. The panels can absorb sunlight in 90 minutes, which is enough to charge a smartphone.

So, if you want to do your bit to improve the environment, you can use these cool green tech products.

Are you going to use any of them? Which one did you like the best? We would like to hear your views.

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