Monday 26 August 2019
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5 Amazing April Fool’s Day Tech Pranks

5 Amazing April Fool’s Day Tech Pranks

Many big brands come up with amazing ideas which helps them in fooling us, their consumers, right on time for April Fool’s Day. It has almost become a norm to announce new products each year, only to turn them into pranks. This year also, there have been quite some amazing announcements by different brands regarding their latest innovations. Let us have a look at five amazing April Fool’s Day jokes which have created news this year.


  • Zero Gravity Capsule


The Coca-Cola London Eye has announced its partnership with the British Space Research Programme to bring the first Zero Gravity Capsule experience to the observation wheel. The technology, which is used by the likes of NASA was developed in six years. Weightlessness is simulated using indoor vertical fans which are fixed in the floor of the capsule. The smaller version of these fans is used to coach sky divers.


  • On-Board Travelling Gym


Conventional seats in trains will soon be replaced with cross trainers, running machines and exercise bikes in Virgin Trains. With this gym equipment, it will be the world’s first on-board travelling gym. The fleet of Super Voyager trains and Pendolinos will have this on-board gym.


  • Wi-Fi Enabled Swimwear


Virgin Media Business has developed a new range of wearable technology. The Wi-Fi enabled swimwear will be the new wearable. The company has collaborated with Lauren Remzi, the swimwear designer to create the new prototype which has Wi-Fi hotspot integrated in it. Users will be able to stay connected to their work devices, even when they are holidaying in a beach.


  • Driverless Delivery Vehicles


This is the biggest prank by Domino’s Pizza. They have announced that their UK division is ready to launch the world’s first delivery vehicles which won’t have any driver.  These driverless vehicles are supposed to do the delivery by themselves.


  • Piggyback Function of Hailo Cab App


Hailo, the cab app has launched a new feature to assist the people living in the cities, travel around easily. They have introduced the Piggyback function in the app which the users can use from their smartphones. Soon, specially trained human piggyback carriers from Hailo will arrive and take the passengers to their destination.  They will provide a 360 degree view to the passengers and also move through the traffic easily.

Amazing, aren’t they? While some of these ideas are bizarre, others really have the potential to be helpful for the users. We could only hope that some of these ideas could actually be made true in the future.

What do you think? Which ideas did you like the best? We would love to hear from you.

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