Wednesday 22 January 2020
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5 Unique Tech Innovations Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress

5 Unique Tech Innovations Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress

A range of new tech has been unveiled at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona this year. They consist of smartphones, wearables and tablets. However, apart from these regular gadgets, this year saw some unconventional tech products being launched at the event. These products are not something which you can expect from big names in the industry. However, the functionalities are quite note-worthy.

Here is a quick look at some of the unique products unveiled at the MWC.

  1. Kids Smart Shoes

Finding the location of your kids will now become easier with 361 smart shoes for kids. This unique product has been powered by MediaTek technology. There is a GPS chip and an Aster processor from MediaTek with 4MB of RAM, placed inside the shoe. The chip records the location of the wearer and provides the information to an accompanying app in your smartphone. Probable features to be added in the app include geo-boundaries which could send an alarm whenever the wearer moves beyond the stipulated area.

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  1. Smart Suitcase

After smartwatches, now you can get smart suitcases which send you the location of the suitcases. A GPS in the suitcase interacts with your smartphone through Bluetooth and lets you know where it is. The suitcase has been developed by Bluesmart and includes a built-in phone charger near the handle. You will be able to lock your case either manually or via a smartphone app. The best feature of the case is that it can weigh itself. Use the companion app in one hand and lift up the bag in other, you will learn whether it is overweight or not.

  1. MyFC Jaq Fuel-cell Charger

Charging your smartphone will become easier and unique with MyFC Jaq fuel-cell charger. You can do your bit in saving the environment while charging your phone. The fuel-cell combines water and salt to discharge hydrogen and generate electricity. The by-products of this process are water vapor and heat. The Jaq is a consumer and environment-friendly fuel-cell charger.

  1. Eye-Tracking Smartwatch

The Eye Tribe, a company based in Denmark, is thinking of developing a smartwtach with an integrated eye sensor. The prototype was unveiled at the MWC. It shows extra circuitry within the straps and uses infra-red light and a micro sensor to detect the eyes of the user. This would allow users to activate the display of their smartwatch simply by looking at it. They will be able to scroll through messages by moving their eyes up and down.

  1. Runcible

The intention of Runcible is to tackle internet overload. The gadget is circular in shape and the developer, Monohm, wants it to challenge the ever-present smartphone experience of the users, where they are flooded with notifications. It is different from other smartphones as it is a standalone device in the true sense. The device runs on Mozilla Firefox OS platform. You will be able to ask for directions, make calls and browse the web with Runcible.

These are some of the unique gadgets which were unveiled at the MWC this year. If you know about any other unconventional gadget, feel free to share it with us.

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