Thursday 21 November 2019
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5 Must Have Tech Gadgets For Mobile Entrepreneurs

5 Must Have Tech Gadgets For Mobile Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur and travel a lot for work, you need to find ways to make your journey easier. In this connected world, tech gadgets are a must for making any work easier. This holds true for entrepreneurs as well. There are some cool gadgets you can use to make your work and life easier.

Here are five awesome tech gadgets which you should definitely own.

  • Leef Supra 3.0

Leef Supra 3.0 - USB flash drive                       Image:

If you are looking for a neat USB flash drive, Supra 3.0 by Leef is the ideal solution for you. It might be really small in size, but it has a lot of power. This 16 GB drive is light in weight and can act as an external hard drive for storage, where you can backup your video files. You can keep it attached to your laptop. Even though it is small, you can still find it in the dark as there is an LED light at the end.

If you do not want to keep a drive always plugged into your laptop, you can opt for a larger version with a keychain loop and a cap, known as the Ice 3.0. If you want faster data transfer, choosing the 3.0 devices is better than 2.0 devices as the former is ten times faster. You can share video files and large PPT when you are going to give a presentation.

  • Lifeproof iPhone Case

LifeProof Fre Waterproof iPhone case             Image:

If you are in the habit of dropping off your precious iPhone in water accidentally, you are in absolute need of Lifeproof cases. With these cases, you don’t have to worry even if your phone gets six feet under water. Not only are these cases waterproof, but they are also shockproof and snow proof. You can just spend $10 with your purchase to buy a “water warranty” through the company. The case has a transparent plastic cover for the touch screen and is pretty lightweight.

  • myCharge HUB6000

myCharge HUB6000                             Image:

Running out of batteries is a common problem when you are travelling. If you are in the middle of some important work while you are travelling, you can’t afford to face such a situation. There are a lot of external battery devices, but myCharge is the best. It might not be tiny but it can offer you more than 20 hours of browse time and/or 27+ hours of call time. This travel battery can charge up to 3 devices at once. There is a USB port, a Lightning connector and a micro-USB connector.

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover                      Image:

You can turn your iPad Air into a traditional laptop with this Bluetooth keyboard. You can type away easily while you are travelling, using this keyboard without cramping your neck or your fingers.  It weighs only ¾ of a pound and you can use it with your iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 2, 3 and 4.

  • Portable Wireless N WiFi Travel Router

Portable Wireless N WiFi Travel Router                               Image:

With this wireless router, you don’t have to worry for your net connection when you travel to a new location. It will set up a wired network connection for all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices. This wireless router powered by USB, fits over an iPad wall charger and there is a USB extension cable to run this device. You just have to spend $66.99 to get this router.

These are a few tech gadgets which you should posses if you want to make your job an easier one.

Are you a mobile entrepreneur? Do you use any of these devices? Share your thoughts with us.

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