Thursday 21 November 2019
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Swaive Thermometer- World’s Most Intelligent Ear Thermometer

Swaive Thermometer- World’s Most Intelligent Ear Thermometer

At a time when you see hordes of smart devices coming in the market, the Swaive Thermometer will definitely draw your attention. The company claims it to be the most intelligent ear thermometer in the world. The device can be used with the Apple Health App and help users measure their temperature without any difficulty. So, what can you expect from this Swaive Thermometer?

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Using the Thermometer as a Standalone or with the App

The thermometer can be used as a standalone, without the app. The temperature readings are saved in the thermometer and sent effortlessly to the app with the help of Bluetooth. In this way, you won’t have to worry about losing the readings.

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You can also use it with the app. It evaluates temperatures and offers crucial data which will help in keeping an eye on the health of the entire family. You will be able to customize the app as per the needs of your family.

Improved digital technology is used by the thermometer to give medical grade accuracy and it also meets the FDA standards. It can be used in schools, homes, at the doctor’s office and in hospitals.

Benefits of the Swaive Thermometer

  • Easy to Read

Reading temperatures will be easier due to the use of blue LED display technology. It can be read clearly at night as it can be in daytime.

  • Analyzing for Entire Family

Doctors have confirmed that with age, the temperature of a person varies. The thermometer analyzes the temperature characteristics of every member of a family by adapting to their age. You will be able to add as many family members as you want.

  • Simple to Use

Anybody in the family can use this device and get the results. You just have to place it in the ear and press the button. You will be able to see the temperature instantly on the device as well as on the app.

  • Easy for Night Use

You no longer have to wake up your baby at night to check the temperature. The LED light helps you to see the temperature without any difficulty.

  • Temperature Trends

The charting ability of the device lets you see the temperature trends hourly, daily or even weekly. You will also be able to share this data with your doctor immediately. You just have to add it to the sharing list and the readings will be available to your doctor irrespective of the place he is in.

You can preorder this intelligent thermometer now from the official website. Shipping will start in late March, 2015.

Are you going to buy the Swaive Thermometer? Do you think this is an interesting and helpful innovation? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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