Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Staples Connect Hub Turns Your Home into a Smart Home

Staples Connect Hub Turns Your Home into a Smart Home

Smart home appliances can connect with each other to provide you with a varied range of information. However, the communication is not always great due to the excess of wireless protocols. This causes a dip in functionality among the devices. In such situations, control devices like the Staples Connect hub can be extremely useful. The gadget acts like a router for your other smart devices. Different wireless radios are integrated in the hub which helps in the communication among devices and ensure that they work together and provide you a single user experience.

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Staples Connect Hub- The New D-Link Version

The Staples Connect Hub has got a new and improved version of D-Link. This new version provides support for ZigBee and Bluetooth. The Staples Connect Hub is priced at $80. The build is better looking than the original Linksys version. The design has also gone through changes and now you can untether the hub from the router and put it away at any place.

The controls have also been improved and a new “Modes” feature has been added. The Staples Connect platform provider, Zonoff has claimed the support for new devices like Bose speakers and high-end smart TVs.

An Overall View

Pros- Even if the Internet is down, the automations will work and you don’t have to keep the hub attached with the router. With the new integrated radios for ZigBee and Blutoooth, the hub will work with more devices.

Cons- Staples Connect will not work directly with IFTTT, Nest, Insteon or WeMo. The camera support is not good.

What’s The Ultimate Verdict?

Staples Connect hub is reliable and can be used easily. The original Linksys version lags behind the newer D-Link version. If you have devices which work with the original version, you will find the new hub really helpful. However, if you are looking for including smart devices in your home to start from the scratch, it is better to wait till you find out what SmartThings 2.0 and Apple HomeKit has got to offer.

By comparing these hubs, you can choose from the one which suits your need the most.

Did you use the Linksys version of Staples Connect? Will you use the D-Link one? We would like to hear your thoughts.



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