Thursday 12 December 2019
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Looking for a Smart Remote? Get NEEO!

Looking for a Smart Remote? Get NEEO!

If you are looking for a smart remote, look no further than Neeo. With this smart device, you will easily be able to control TV, heating system, lights of your home and more. Soon, the days will be gone where you need separate remote controls for each of your device. There will be one system and you can control all your devices. What’s even better is that the NEEO smart device will be able to recognize you when you pick up the device. The project is running a Kickstarter campaign right now.

Check out what you can expect from this device.

The Thinking Remote- NEEO

The NEEO is comprised of two parts- the remote and the brain. The brain is responsible for communicating with the devices you have and the remote is used for providing the users with instantaneous control. In terms of technology and design, both these devices have a new approach. For managing your home easily, you can use the NEEO app on your smartphone and the NEEO remote will be helpful in providing the ultimate experience.

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Setting up NEEO with your devices is relatively easy.

The Remote

The NEEO remote has a higher ppi (pixels per inch) display than Apple’s at 291 ppi. Instead of having unnecessary buttons like standard remotes, the NEEO remote only provides those buttons which the users will actually need to provide them with an optimal experience.

A unique technology which is still pending its patent is responsible for helping NEEO identify your hand when you pick it up. The sensors that are in the remote will help in detecting your palm and match it with your profile. It will then show your favorites, films and playlists immediately. With hand recognition feature, you will be able to create a guest profile or set parental controls.

The NEEO comes with a low-power hardware design and rechargeable battery which will run for months on a single charge. You can also activate an SOS alarm in your smartphone, so that you don’t lose your remote.

The Brain

The brain part of the NEEO device is responsible for controlling all your smart devices. With a database of over 30,000 devices, you can easily connect to and control any device. You can either use the NEEO remote or the app to make the brain work.

With one app on your smartphone, you will be able to control the brain and in the process, all your smart devices. You can set lights, your TV, your sound system and more, with this app. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Right now, a Kickstarter campaign is running for the NEEO smart device. Though the total funding raised till now has crossed the goal limit in a big margin, you can still contribute your funds and receive relevant rewards. You have only 5 days to do so.

Are you going to pledge your funds? Do you think this NEEO device will make life easier? We would love to hear your views.



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