Saturday 18 January 2020
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3 Note-Worthy Gadgets from IFA

3 Note-Worthy Gadgets from IFA

The largest consumer electronics show of Europe that was held in Berlin saw some exceptional tech announcements. A range of tablets, smartphones, wearables and even AVs, TVs and smart kit were displayed at the IFA. The event saw an impressive lineup of speakers. Among the innumerable announcements made, here we bring some of the best ones which will make an impact in our lives.

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  • Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 doesn’t come with curved rectangle screen unlike its predecessor. Instead the screen of this advanced smartphone from Samsung has a circular screen. This makes it brighter and it also has more pixels. The Gear S2 is waterproof. You can connect your smartphone using Bluetooth. For contactless payments made by Samsung Pay, NFC is used. The minimum requirement for Bluetooth connectivity is Android 4.4 and above. Your smartphone should also have at least 1.5GB RAM. You will get apps like CNN, Nike+, Uber, Volkswagen and others. You can charge it wirelessly and to get this smartphone, you have to wait till October.

  • Sony Xperia Z5

Sony announced a range of smartphones and was the first among other brands to make the revelations. It revealed its flagship Xperia Z5 smartphones. Z5 Premium was one of the handsets that stood out from the rest. This is the world’s first phone that comes with a 4K screen. The screen consists of 8m pixels which is simply amazing.

  • Samsung Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Samsung has introduced the world’s first Ultra HD Blu-Ray player. This means the company will be leading other brands in 4K and HDR video. Super-high resolution movies will be promoted using this latest development. Fox execs joined hands with Samsung and claim to release its upcoming movies like Maze Runner, Fantastic Four, etc. in Ultra HD with HDR.

Other announcements that were made in the event include Huawei Mate S, ZenWatch 2, The Asus GX700 laptop, The Lenovo Vibe S1, Yoga Tab 3, Moto 360 and many other revelations.

Did you attend the IFA? Which tech development did you like the best? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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