Thursday 12 December 2019
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CogniToys- The Smart Educational Toy for Your Kids

CogniToys- The Smart Educational Toy for Your Kids

Wouldn’t it be better for your kids if they could learn something while playing with their favorite toys? Well, now it will be possible with Elemental Path. Your kids will be able to engage directly with their toys in an intelligent conversation. CogniToys are smart educational toys which comprise of a cute dinosaur that listens to what the kids speak and give relevant answers in return. What makes this different from other toys is that the toys also learn and evolve with the kids, providing them a personalized way to play. Right now, the company is running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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CogniToys is the first product of Elemental Path and is playful, smart and fun. With the smart technology in use, kids will be able to interact with their toys in an all new way. Here are the features of this smart toy:

  • Internet Connected

The play experience can be improved constantly as the smart toys are connected to the web.

  • Speech Enabled

The kids can speak directly to the toy and ask numerous questions and get relevant answers which are appropriate to their age. All they need to do is press the belly of the dinosaur. The kids can listen to and tell stories and jokes. Over time, on the basis of the interaction with toys, a unique personality is created.

  • Educational

There are a number of custom modules which make the play educational. Kids can use the toys and have a fun experience while learning spelling, rhyming, mathematics, increasing their vocabulary and more. Educational content will become more challenging as the kids learn and interact more with the CogniToys.

  • Personalized

Each toy will have a different personality which grows with the interaction with kids. Based on the child’s personal interests, the toy will grow and explore favorite toys, colors and interests and use them to personalize engagement.

How does the CogniToys work?

CogniToys are considered to be the first truly “connected” toy which can reach out to the cloud platform of Elemental Path. Then the toys give back a personalized and age-appropriate response to each query from the kids. The technology provides a smooth and fun experience to the kids and engages them in a playful way.

The Kickstarter campaign for this project has started and has a total funding goal of $50,000. It has 29 days to go but the campaign has already got past the goal with $56,347 funds pledged, at the time of writing. If you want to get the perks, you can also pledge your funds for this innovative project and give your kids a wonderful toy to play with.

Are you going to pledge your funds? Do you think more such smart educational toys should be developed? We would like to hear your thoughts.


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