Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Cinder Sensing Cooker Lets You Cook with Precision

Cinder Sensing Cooker Lets You Cook with Precision

Smart devices are now responsible for making our life easier and faster. Apart from the wide range of wearables, there are smart appliances which can be used in our home for different purposes. The Cinder Sensing Cooker is a smart appliance which is being developed to help you cook a healthy meal in a smart manner. With this cooker, you will be able to grill a steak or any other food easily just like a chef of a five star restaurant. The device is still around a year away from its launch, but has already become popular. One of the reasons for its popularity partly is that it is an anti-George Foreman grill. This countertop cooker of the 90’s concentrated on quick grilling and health.

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Cinder Sensing Cooker- What to Expect from it?

The device weighs around 12 pound and the only similarity it has with the George Foreman grill is that you can cook your meals in an enclosed space and it has a drip pan to drain out the excess oil. Otherwise it’s completely different from the grill. There are two non-stick aluminum trays which can be removed and washed and at approximately 130 degrees, these trays can slow-cook steak.

CEO and cofounder of Cinder, Eric Norman, said “Now chefs are celebrities, more people watch Food Network.” He describes the countertop cooking device as “restaurant quality.”

The cooking surfaces are controlled digitally and can be heated up or cooled down quickly. The 1800-watt Cinder is all-electric and determines the temperature of the cooking steak. The sensors in the cover of the device determine the thickness of the steak. Together with this information, the perfect steak is cooked.

The cooking process consists of two steps. One step involves slow cooking a steak of one inch for 30 minutes and another step involves the searing process. This second step takes around 45 seconds and if you want to get to the required 464 degrees, you will need just a minute.

Companion App

The cooker works with a free app which can connect your smartphone with the device using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the app, you will be able to choose which kind of food you are preparing and how you want to cook it. The instructions are sent to Cinder through the app, which then gives feedback on the cooking status of the food you are cooking. The Wi-Fi doesn’t get disconnected and you can leave the cooking process and do other work.

Apart from steak, you can cook chicken, pork and even grill fish and onions.

The retail price of the Cinder Sensing Cooker will be $499, when its shipping starts next year. However, you can pre-order the smart device from the official website.

Are you going to pre-order the smart cooker? Do you think it will make cooking more interesting? We would love to hear your thoughts.



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