Thursday 19 September 2019
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BMW Brings Self-Parking Technology to Its Iconic 7 Series Sedans

BMW Brings Self-Parking Technology to Its Iconic 7 Series Sedans

At the CES this year, BMW had demonstrated autonomous parking for its BMW i3 electric car. The same features have also been shown by Audi and Volvo. Now the same will be possible for BMW 7 Series. However, it will actually be the first production car of the world with which remote control parking will be possible. You don’t have to be inside the car to park it. Wondering how that can be possible even? Check out the post to know more about remote control parking of the BMW 7 series.

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How does the Remote Control Parking work?

You can park your BMW 7 near your garage or any space where you want the car to be parked with the help of this self-parking technology. Step out of your car and press a button on the key fob of the car. Using the BMW Display Key which is equipped with touchscreen, you will be able to squeeze the car automatically in and out of any parking space. When you use the key, the array of sensor which are around the car’s body, are used by the car to park itself in even the tightest of spaces.

Gesture Control- Another Important Feature

Gesture control is another much talked about feature of this BMW 7 series. However, this feature is still un-purchasable. With this feature drivers of the BMW 7 series will be able to accept or reject phone calls just by waving their hands around and they can also control the media volume. There will be a touchscreen in the car. The system will also take movements of a single finger or two fingers and even of a full hand. According to BMW, drivers will be able to create their own custom gestures for different functions.

The new cars will get driving assistant systems which will include directional control and steering assistance, cross traffic warnings and lane departure warnings.

Carbon fiber will be used for the vehicle’s body for 130 kgs less curb weight. With air suspension, it will be able to sport tunable drive dynamics. Pricing for all these hasn’t been determined yet. The 2015 models have a starting price of $68,500 and the maximum price is as high as $130,000.

What about you? Are you going to use the self parking facility of the BMW 7 series? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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