Monday 18 November 2019
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bluME- The Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver

bluME- The Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver

Auris Inc., a company situated in Las Vegas, has developed a Bluetooth music receiver which will improve your audio experience significantly. The device called blueMe lets you use your traditional music systems. This is done by connecting them to your smartphones or tablets. We are in an age where we completely thrive on digital music. We have lots of music streaming options. However, traditional audio systems possess superior sound qualities than what we have today. By blending the old-fashioned and the latest music technologies, we can enjoy limitless music.

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bluMe- A True Hi-Fi Music Receiver

The auris blueMe is an actual high fidelity Bluetooth music receiver which can wirelessly stream high quality audio from any Bluetooth enabled device. The audio is streamed from any smartphone, tablet or computer to any powered speakers or music system. With this device, your classic audio device will seamlessly blend with current digital music technology, giving you a fantastic audio experience.

It can give your high definition digital music all the necessary clarity, emotional impact and crispiness that you can get from a traditional audio system.

Features of bluMe

Here are a few features of blueMe:

  • Digital Sound

You will get high quality digital sound with the use of high-end AAC audio streaming codecs and aptX® Low Latency.

  • Wireless Technology In Use

Any music format can be streamed from your smartphone to any sound system with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

  • Long Range Audio Streaming

A precision-tuned external high gain antenna and special circuitry helps in streaming long range audio from anyplace in your home.

  • Riveting Audio

The bluMe uses a high fidelity audiophile grade DAC which provides high-resolution 24-bit digital audio streaming with 120dB SNR.

Kickstarter Campaign

The project is running a Kickstarter campaign with a total funding goal of $20,000. At the time of writing, the funding goal has already been achieved by a large margin. It has still 34 days to go. The campaign will end on 3rd September, 2015. You can opt for the Early bird offer of $119 to get a blueMe in your choice of color. The device is available in three colors: Black, Gold and Silver. Shipping is expected to start from November this year.

If you swear by your Hi-Fi audio system, bluMe will be the right device to bring home and enjoy an immersive audio experience.

Are you going to pre-order your blueMe set? Which one do you prefer- the traditional audio systems or the present ones? We would like to hear from you.

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