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The Biggest News of MWC 2015

The Biggest News of MWC 2015

The Mobile World Congress that started from 2nd March and concluded on 5th March, 2015, was the biggest event till date in the history of MWC, with more than 90,000 attendees and around 1900 exhibitors. Many significant announcements were made and unique tech innovations were launched in this event. It is difficult to learn about all of them. Here we have provided a quick look at the biggest and significant news of MWC, which are not just limited to smartphones.

Google Launching its Own Wireless Service

The senior vice president of products for Google, Sundar Pichai, confirmed at the MWC that the search giant will be entering the wireless service business. The company has been in talks with wireless carriers. We can expect that Google will have a partnership with carriers and provide a hybrid service that would depend on Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

There are rumors that Google is working with T-Mobile and Sprint to develop a cellular service, which would also be helped by local Wi-Fi networks to increase coverage.

Amazon Appstore Nears 400K Apps Globally

Bigger storefronts from Apple and Google have been popular among consumers and Amazon had a tough time to get its mobile app store noticed against these big competitors. However, now things are changing as the company told CNET at the MWC. Amazon App-store has reached around 400,000 apps globally. The last figure reported in the fall was 300,000 and compared to last year, it has almost doubled.

Samsung Announces Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has given an answer to its rival Apple Pay, with its own mobile payment system- Samsung Pay. Now users will be able to pay for services and goods by waving their smartphones near the cash register instead of swiping a credit card. This announcement comes along with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6. These phones will be the first which will support the Samsung Pay feature. You can expect to use this feature this summer in South Korea and the US. Consumers in China and Europe will be able to use Samsung Pay sometime later. The magnetic card readers will help in making the payment process smooth.

These are a few of the biggest news which have made quite an impact at the MWC this year.

Do you have anything to add to this list? What was the best thing about MWC? Share your views with us.

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