Monday 9 December 2019
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Top 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Gadget Freaks

Top 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Gadget Freaks

Buying the perfect gift can be really difficult if you have the least idea about what your friends or family will love. However, if your budget is good, you can never go wrong with an Apple related tech product. This year, many new products of Apple were launched and with it, new accessories and peripherals have also come into the market. The iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched in 2014. Apart from that there was a refresh of the MacBook Pro and a new line-up for MacBook Air. The Mac Mini was even updated for the first time in 2 years.

You can choose from these 7 gifts which are fun to use and at the same time look stylish. They will add to the functionality of existing Apple devices with which they are used.

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  • Tryble Headphone Earmuffs

These headphones are specifically designed for the winter and act as good earmuffs. It will keep your ears warm and cozy and at the same time, you will be able to listen to your favorite music from your iPhone or any other mobile devices. They are practical to use, look good and even sound good.

  • Cardboard iPhone Projector

This effective and simple gadget can be your perfect Christmas gift. The cardboard smartphone projector lets you project the information that is on your phone using the cardboard housing and an 8X glass lens.

  • Shoulderpod S1

If you have friends in your list who are keen photographers, you can gift them the Shoulderpod S1. They can use their iPhone as a camera in the best possible way using this device. They can mount this accessory on a tripod, use it on a fixed travel stand or keep it in their hands in a ‘filmmaker grip’. Carrying this accessory is also easy as they can either hang it from a belt strap or put it in a bag.

  • BookBook Rutledge

This MacBok case is made of leather that has been hand-finished. This means, no two cover look the same. The BookBook Rutledge features two hard back covers which look exactly like an old book. The covers protect your MacBook and the padded interior prevents scratching. You can also buy it for iPad Mini or iPad Air.

  • Supertooth D4

This is a wireless speaker which looks like a retro megaphone. There is a handle at the top and it can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device. Supertooth claims that on a single charge, the device can last up to 12 hours. You can choose from five different colors which include black, grey, blue, orange and white.

  • Boom Box Touch

At a cost of less than $30, this speaker doesn’t use Bluetooth pairing or even cables. The users just have to place their iPod or iPhone over the speaker and press play. It is small and handy and it can be played continuously for 10 hours. Charging the speaker is really easy and can be done using just a microUSB cable.

  • Mophie Power Reserve Lightning

This is an ideal gift for people whose iPhone runs out of power frequently. This is a powerful charger that has an inbuilt USB connector and a lightning cable which will provide the iPhone with a power boost. You can choose from three different colors which include white, red and black. 

So, this year, give your friends and family any of these Apple related tech products, instead of the usual gifts and light up their Christmas.

Have you already finished your Christmas shopping? Do you know any other tech products which can be used with Apple devices? We look forward to your input.

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