Sunday 8 December 2019
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Why We Love These 5 Gadgets (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love These 5 Gadgets (And You Should, Too!)

Technology has immense power in making our lives better and easier. As technology progresses, more and more gadgets are being developed. One thing is for sure, with the development of these gadgets, our lives are going to become easier than ever before. Imagine a gadget which can be worn as a ring but will act as a Bluetooth, or a gadget with gel where you can just shove in the food, refrigerate and use it whenever necessary. Now, these gadgets will no longer be restricted to your imagination. You can in fact use them to make your life as smooth as possible.

We are providing a list of 5 cool gadgets which we simply love and hope that they will definitely find a place in your favorites list.

  • ORB Bluetooth Headset

ORB Bluetooth Headset

A gadget which will double as jewelry- how cool is that! This works as a Bluetooth headset as well as a smart ring. The ORB includes an e-ink display which informs the wearers about incoming texts, calendar reminders and caller ID. By twisting the jewelry at its hinge, it can be transformed into a Bluetooth headset. This can be worn as a sleek ear cuff.

  • Bio Robot Refrigerator

Bio Robot Refrigerator

Save space by installing this bio robot refrigerator anywhere in your home. You can install it vertically, horizontally or even on the ceiling. Biopolymer gel is used in this fridge and it is not at all sticky and is odorless. You just have to shove the food item in this gel and it will remain suspended and cool. Once you need the product, you can pull it out still fresh and intact.

  • Biometric Deadbolt Lock

Biometric Deadbolt Lock

The BioBolt X2 is a pin pad and fingerprint deadbolt which consists of a protective slide cover for the scanner. It is the first biometric deadbolt that will help you to enter a secured area with a pin pad. With biometric deadbolt lock, security of your home is doubled but for you, protected access will become easier.

  • Perfect Slice Cake Cutter

Perfect Slice Cake Cutter

You can now cut and serve the perfect slice of cake to your guests with the Magisso Cake Server. This kitchen gadget might not be directly related to technology, but its design can help to make your life simpler. This utensil acts as a knife that can cut cake slices in the perfect way and at the same time can be used as a cake server.

  • Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Taking a nap could not be easier than using this gadget. With Ostrich Pillow, you are taking your nap gadget wherever you go. This power napping device will help you catch some ZZZs even while on the go.

So, get these gadgets in your life today and see how comfortable and smooth it becomes. We believe, you won’t be complaining.

Have you tried any of  these gadgets? Are you aware of other gadgets which can help you out in a similar way? Share with us.

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