Monday 26 August 2019
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Category: Wearable Devices

Samsung Simband- A Wearable for Monitoring your Health

Samsung Simband- A Wearable for Monitoring your Health

Samsung had first revealed the health-focused wearable Simband, last year. This device will help in monitoring a user’s health and is...

Wearables for Sports Enthusiasts

Top 3 Wearables for Sports Enthusiasts

At the CES this year, an array of sports wearables were launched, which can help the players to track their stats. Apart from runners,...

Smartwatches of CES 2015

Top 5 Coolest Smartwatches of CES 2015

The 2015 International CES witnessed some of the biggest innovations in different verticals. Wearable technology turned out to be a trend...

Audi Smartwatch Lets You Interact with Your Car

Audi Smartwatch Lets You Interact with Your Car

Autonomous cars have turned out to be a big thing in this year’s International CES. Different car manufacturers have introduced the...


5 Incognito Wearables that You Didn’t know About

If you love new wearable devices but are not too comfortable wearing them in front of everybody, you can opt for incognito wearables. There...


5 Wearables That Will Redefine the Future of Wearable Technology in 2015

2014 witnessed a number of new wearable tech innovations. The coming year is expected to see more such developments. Earlier, things what...

Wearable Technology to Become More Popular in the US

Wearable Technology to Become The Next Best Thing in the US

Wearable technology, as we all know by now, is making great improvements all across the globe. With so much progress in the US, the...

Ouijiband - wearable technology

4 Wearables that Could Turn You Into a Superhuman

The future of wearables could transform you into a superman. With wearable technology you might possess super powers like super strengths,...

Best Wearable Devices 2014

7 Best Wearable Devices to Have in Your Possession

Wearable technology has evolved rapidly and now it is changing the way people communicate and stay fit. A number of wearable devices have...