Monday 9 December 2019
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Category: Tech News

Affordable Tech Innovations of CES 2016

Affordable Tech Innovations of CES 2016

CES saw some highly innovative products being introduced this year. While most of them were of high price range, there were a few which...

CES 2016

Highlights of Day 2 of CES 2016

The second day of CES 2016 also saw some interesting innovations in technology. In our last post we had brought to you the noteworthy tech...

Consumer Electonic Show (CES) 2016

A Few Tech Innovations at Day 1 of CES 2016

Day 1 of International CES saw some of the best tech innovations. From ultimate smartwatches to giant TVs to new gadgets integrated with...

Apple Event September 2015

Apple Event September 2015: Everything Apple Unveiled

The Apple Event saw a bevy of announcements, from new iPhones to the much awaited redesigned Apple TV. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled these...

Google new parent company Alphabet

Google Alphabet- Everything You Need to Know

Google has announced a huge restructure of its corporate company. Google” will now refer to just the main businesses of Search, YouTube,...