Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Qualcomm Unveils Zeroth- The New Smartphone Platform

Qualcomm Unveils Zeroth- The New Smartphone Platform

It seems our smartphone will get even smarter with a new platform that has been developed by Qualcomm. At the Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm announced the plans of bringing forward a platform which it calls the first “cognitive computing platform.” The concept is to provide users a more intuitive smartphone which can possibly forecast users’ requirements before they give any indication to the device. The new platform has been named Zeroth and is a combination of software and hardware.

Working with Snapdragon 820

The company has also revealed the Snapdragon 820, the latest high-end smartphone chip from the company. The chip will work with the Zeroth platform. The 820 chip will not be sampled by the device makers until the latter half of 2015. So, do not expect the Snapdragon 820 chip or the Zeroth platform to be available this year.

For the Snapdragon 820, the same custom processors will be used. It will run a new 64-bit CPU which is called Kyro.

Natural Interactions with Zeroth

The company claims that this platform will help in creating more normal communications with phones. This will allow the devices to search videos and photos easily, use behavioral analysis to make the device more secure or find the best wireless connection without any manual assistance. Other features include the capacity to have a device which can identify faces and gestures or a device which can take actions instantaneously based on the speech or sounds it recognizes in its environment.

A Qualcomm co-president, Cristiano Amon, said “The premium mobile experiences of the future will extend beyond traditional features and functionality and be defined by devices that have the ability to learn and adapt to the needs of the user.” He also added that the Zeroth platform will not only be available for mobile devices but also for wearables and cars.

Qualcomm has made other announcements also at the Mobile World Congress. It has unveiled the Sense ID, a new ultrasonic technology which reads 3D fingerprints. The Sense ID allows a smartphone to scan a print through stainless steel, aluminum, sapphire or cover glass. With the new feature, devices could gain more flexibility in developing smartphones in the future.

What’s your thought on this concept? Do you think the platform will give rise to “thinking” smartphones? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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