Monday 9 December 2019
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Posts by: Lisa Owen

Security Apps for Android

Secure Your Android Phone with Top 3 Apps

You might already be aware of the security threat that our Android phones are facing. With this rising security issue, it has become...

This Robot Mom Builds Kids

Mother Robot Creates Its Own Robot Kids- Mankind in Danger?

Futurists Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk had warned about the dangers intelligent machines would pose on us human beings. Such tech...

Upgrade from Old OS to Windows 10

How to Upgrade from Old OS to Windows 10

Windows 10 has launched and people are now rushing to upgrade their old operating system to this latest version. If you are looking for...

End of Passwords with Windows 10

Hassle of Remembering Passwords Ends with Windows 10

The release of Windows 10 took place only a week ago and already innumerable PCs have upgraded to this latest operating system from...

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

5 Must-Have Gadgets to Get that Perfect Cup of Coffee

If you cannot do without your favorite cup of coffee, it won’t be a surprising thing that you have your own set of coffee gadgets. There...

Your Kid is Over-Dependent on Technology

7 Signs to Check if Your Kid is Over-Dependent on Technology

Technology is making rapid advancements. This progress in technology has its own set of pros and cons. While it is making our lives easier...

DigiSEq Brings Contactless Payment to Wearables

DigiSEq Brings Contactless Payments to Wearable Devices

Now Wearable devices will also be personalized for making contactless payments, thanks to DigiSEq. The company is the first to have...

Wi-Fi microchip from NASA

NASA Wi-Fi Chip to Use Less Power and Work Faster

A Wi-Fi microchip has been developed for wearable devices that transmit data at a quicker rate than traditional devices. It also uses less...

CSIRO Wearable Technology Enters Aerospace Industry

CSIRO Wearable Technology Enters Aerospace Industry

The Guardian Mentor Remote (GMR) wearable technology system of CSIRO will be commercialized by TAE, the aerospace company based in...


Sony Dabbles in Drones to Find New Business Opportunities

Sony is testing new waters and has moved its focus from consumer electronics. The company is toying with drones to find out new business...