Saturday 18 January 2020
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Posts by: Lisa Owen

CarVi Serves As A Driving Assistant For Older Cars

Drive Safely With CarVi- The Connected Driving Assistant

Driving is about to get safer, thanks to new technologies that are being developed each day. Smart technology is improving our lives in...

Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers Are Not Your Nutritionist!

Wearables and fitness trackers are becoming an essential part of everyday life for majority of people. More and more people have started...

CES 2016

Highlights of Day 2 of CES 2016

The second day of CES 2016 also saw some interesting innovations in technology. In our last post we had brought to you the noteworthy tech...

Apple Event September 2015

Apple Event September 2015: Everything Apple Unveiled

The Apple Event saw a bevy of announcements, from new iPhones to the much awaited redesigned Apple TV. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled these...

Samsung Gear S2

3 Note-Worthy Gadgets from IFA

The largest consumer electronics show of Europe that was held in Berlin saw some exceptional tech announcements. A range of tablets,...

Wearable Technology To Replace Bluetooth

Wearable Technology To Replace Bluetooth?

Wearable technology could move one step ahead with this new development that the researchers from the University of California, San Diego...

Exploride- futuristic HUD

Turn Your Car into a Smart One with Exploride

You can now change your ordinary car into a smart car, thanks to Exploride. Now what is this Exploride all about? It is a futuristic HUD...

wearable technology in movies

7 Movies That Used Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is now very popular. You will find numerous wearable devices which have developed over the past few years. However,...

Apple HomeKit with Voice Activation

3 Smart Home Devices with Voice Activation

Now you can talk to your smart home and control when the lights need to be turned on or off. Speech recognition technology has advanced...

Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router

Google Launches OnHub Wi-Fi Router

A slow Wi-Fi is something which every person has faced at one time or the other. The way we access the web, has changed significantly....