Saturday 18 January 2020
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Posts by: Charles Davis

Gif Me! Camera android app

5 Apps to Create Crazy GIF Images in Your Android Phone

Every alternate website you visit now will have a GIF image to make an article more interesting. Crazy GIF images can make a blog post...

How Smart Technology can help us?

How ‘Smart’ can You be by Using Smart Technology?

We are currently in an age where we depend on smart technology to get our work done smoothly. The word ‘smart’ is one of the words that...

Technology to enhance Super Bowl Experience

How Technology can Change the Super Bowl Experience

Depending on people’s perspectives, technology can make or break a game. We are increasingly becoming dependent on technology to make our...

Best Xbox 360 Games of 2015

5 Best Xbox 360 Games of 2015

Gaming addicts are always on the lookout for new games. They want to be up-to-date with the latest and the best games for different gaming...

Office Mobile Apps now Available for Windows 10

Office Mobile Apps now Available for Windows 10

The official release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system last month, was what all the netizens were talking about. However, along...

MediaBit - A Cloud Connected Device

Keep a Tab on Your Kid’s TV Viewing Habits with MediaBit

When you can use wearable devices to keep a track on your daily activities, why not find something which could track your TV viewing...


Dot- A Smartwatch For the Visually Impaired

Even with a 20/20 vision, you might find it difficult to read the tiny screen on a smartwatch. Imagine how a person with visual impairment...

Lexus Hoverboard called Slide

Get Ready to See Lexus Hoverboard on August 5

If you have heard about the fully functional hoverboard of Lexus and are waiting for it eagerly, we have some good news for you. According...

Philips Lumify- Making Ultrasound Easier

Philips Lumify- Making Ultrasound Easier

It is difficult for non-radiologists to carry out ultrasound as they often don’t have the required knowledge. But in recent years, more...

Jewelbots- The Friendship Bracelet

Jewelbots Smart Bracelet Helps Girls to Learn Coding

The good old friendship bracelet will make its return in the form of a smart wearable, this time to teach teenage girls how to code....