Thursday 12 December 2019
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Top 5 Useful Yet Free Android Apps

Top 5 Useful Yet Free Android Apps

If you are always working on the go and looking for ways to simplify your work without the need of turning on your laptop every single time when you need any important document, you can download some extremely useful app in your mobile devices. What’s even better is that they come for free. You just need to download these apps and you are good to go, without spending a single dime. With innumerable apps being developed almost every day, it becomes difficult to understand which one can really help you out. We have made a top 5 list of the most useful, yet free apps that you can download and make your work easier.

Top 5 Free Android Apps

  • Microsoft Office

If you are working on documents, you will need the Microsoft Office app at one time or the other. This app was earlier available for Windows phone only. Now, Microsoft has made the Android version of the app and is offering it to users without any charge. However, to make full use of it, you have to install the OneDrive app as everything will be saved in there.

  • Google Drive

If you are looking for cloud storage, Google Drive is a very helpful free app. You will get 15GB of storage space and can buy more storage space if you need. Storing videos, important documents and photos will no longer be a problem. Different office-style applications like spreadsheet editor and word editor make it even more useful.

  • Dropbox

The more cloud storage service you have, the better. Apart from Google Drive, you can also use Dropbox which will provide you with 2GB of free storage space when you sign up. You can set up this free app to auto-upload the videos and photos that you take in your mobile device. Backup your files before you lose them.

  • CamScanner

Your phone will become a scanner using CamScanner app. Scan any kind of document with this app and make changes to it. You will be able to fill forms, add watermarks or even fax a document for a small fee. The scanned documents are sharp and readable due to inbuilt optimizations.

  • Google Maps

If you travel frequently for work and go to new locations, you will need help in navigation. What is better than having an app which will guide you when you are traveling to new locations? Google Maps is a free app which should be owned by all. This app has many features which make it extremely helpful.

So, if you are looking for free Android apps which will be useful for your work, you can use above mentioned apps.

Do you know about any other Android apps which are free yet useful, you can share your own list. If you have any particular app that you find extremely useful, let us know about it.

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