Saturday 18 January 2020
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Sharing Photos with Instagram App for Android

Sharing Photos with Instagram App for Android

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps for photo editing and sharing. It is fast and you can snap pictures and apply filters using your finger taps as per your requirements. Customizing videos and photos has become much easier. More than 200 million users love to use Instagram. You can share special moments of your life on your Android device with your friends and family using this free app. With the latest update, new features have been added and it has become even more useful. Your boring mobile device will get a new life with Instagram.

Using Instagram

You can download this app in your Android device to get started. Some features which people were looking for a while, have been added to the app. They include option to edit the captions for spelling and clarity, quicker searching and a tab with recommendation for following people. Just a single click of a button and you can follow the pictures that your friends post. You will be able to see new videos and photos from those you follow, every time you open this app in your smartphone.

Key Features

  • Extra depth of field with Radial and Linear Tilt-Shift blur effects
  • Limitless uploads
  • After snapping pictures, immediate sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Flickr
  • Send videos and photos privately to your friends
  • Interact with friends by giving and accepting comments and likes
  • Fine-grain tools for editing
  • Easy sharing
  • Video sharing with filters

New Features in the Latest Version

The latest version 16.10.1 of Android Instagram app that has been released, has many new features to make the app even more beneficial. They include:

  • Search Faster- with typeahead search, you will now be able to get results at a much faster time.
  • Find New People- on Explore, you will get the People Tab which will help you to find exciting accounts.
  • New Icons- the Profile and the Explore icons have been updated along with other design updates.
  • Edit Captions- you will now be able to edit the captions. Fixing typos and changing the locations will now be possible.

If you haven’t yet started using the Instagram app for Android, you should download it from Google Play and avail the benefits that come with the latest update of the app.

Do you use Instagram app? What other changes would you like to see in the app? Are you aware of any other photo sharing tool? We would like to hear from you.

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