Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Don’t Miss the 5 Best Android Apps for this Week

Don’t Miss the 5 Best Android Apps for this Week

Your smartphone becomes “super smart” with the various apps that are developed to be used with these phones. Here is a roundup of 5 different types of Android apps which were popular this week. While some are premium apps, others are free, and others come with in-app purchases. Let us have a look at the 5 best Android apps.

Don’t Miss – Top 5 Useful Yet Free Android Apps

  • Materials World Magazine

This app comes for free but has in-app purchases. The Materials World Magazine is the official app for Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining’s magazine. However, if you are interested in this niche of materials which contains “metals, plastics, polymers, rubber, composites, ceramics, glasses, natural materials, wood and packaging”, this app will be helpful for you. You can keep yourself updated with this app.

  • Office Lens Preview

This app is also an official one developed by Microsoft. This new workplace app is in its beta stage. You have to sign up for its Google+ page to gain access to the app and become a “tester.” You will be able to snap whiteboards and documents with this app. It also cleans up the image and transforms it into a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file.

  • Riff

This is the app which Facebook is experimenting with lately. It promises to have the ability to “make videos with friends.” This will be possible by shooting a clip and sharing it with friends. They can then add their own clippings and pass it on to their friends and so on. The app is fun, but it is to be seen whether it will still be used by users in the coming months. The app is free.

  • File Transfer by Infinit

This free app is a simple one which helps in sharing files. It is focused on sending videos or photos with full resolution, to friends, instead of compressing them. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to use it.

  • Spell With Pip

The Spell With Pip is an educational children’s app, developed by Oxford University Press. The app teaches the kids spelling skills with the help of a mini colorful game where a parrot is seen flying across the screen to catch the letters. The app is worth £2.99. The app is also available for iOS.


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