Saturday 18 January 2020
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Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers Are Not Your Nutritionist!

Wearables and fitness trackers are becoming an essential part of everyday life for majority of people. More and more people have started...


CarVi Serves As A Driving Assistant For Older Cars

Drive Safely With CarVi- The Connected Driving Assistant

Driving is about to get safer, thanks to new technologies that are being developed each day. Smart technology is improving our lives in...

Samsung Gear S2

3 Note-Worthy Gadgets from IFA

The largest consumer electronics show of Europe that was held in Berlin saw some exceptional tech announcements. A range of tablets,...

McDonald’s Brings Futuristic Digital Touchscreen

McDonald’s Brings Futuristic Digital Touchscreen in the UK

You will now be able to use futuristic digital touchscreens in the UK outlets of McDonald’s. If you are wondering what this means to you,...

Exploride- futuristic HUD

Turn Your Car into a Smart One with Exploride

You can now change your ordinary car into a smart car, thanks to Exploride. Now what is this Exploride all about? It is a futuristic HUD...


Fitbit Blaze

5 Tech Products from CES That You Can Buy in 2016

A range of new tech products were displayed at the CES this year. Among them, most were either prototypes or have a long way to go till...

Affordable Tech Innovations of CES 2016

Affordable Tech Innovations of CES 2016

CES saw some highly innovative products being introduced this year. While most of them were of high price range, there were a few which...

CES 2016

Highlights of Day 2 of CES 2016

The second day of CES 2016 also saw some interesting innovations in technology. In our last post we had brought to you the noteworthy tech...

Consumer Electonic Show (CES) 2016

A Few Tech Innovations at Day 1 of CES 2016

Day 1 of International CES saw some of the best tech innovations. From ultimate smartwatches to giant TVs to new gadgets integrated with...



worst tech failures of 2014

3 Worst Tech Failures of 2014

With the dawn of New Year, we are looking forward to some new tech innovations. 2014 gave us some amazing technologies. However, not all of...

Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

Things Which Took the Internet by Storm in 2014

2014 saw some occurrences which took up the internet by storm. Selfies, breaking the internet, drones, etc. were some of the words which...


How Big Brands are Reacting to the Ecommerce Change?

Ecommerce is changing and how! Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in ecommerce. Each year has surpassed the other....